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Next week's guests contain execs from popular app Whisper and also USC professor Robert Hernandez.

Our guests upon this week's show:

Agnes Kozera, the co-founder of YouTube marketing firm, FameBit, guests on the USA TODAY Talking Tech Roundtable podcast (Photo: Jefferson Graham)

--Finally Investor Eva Ho, just got back again from Iceland--and tells about her trip. We also introduce you to a brand name new web site  that can predict the weather, a couple of months ahead of time, react to President Obama's move to offer with the particular insufficient diversity within tech, and debate whether Uber and Lyft needs for you to be able to pick up fares in airports.

VENICE BEACH, Calif. ET in TuneIn. Have Got questions about how Vroom works? He's the go-to guy.

--Anthony Batt coming from Hollywood virtual reality studio WEVR talks to us concerning the http://greatbigpodcast.com buzzword with the summer--VR, along with why it's concerning in order to change our lives.

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--Agnes Kozera is actually co-founder of FameBit, the organization that functions well together with YouTubers along together with other social media influencers, in order to hook them up straight together with brands. (Those tend to be two involving the woman's amazing images via Iceland, below.)

Tough to end up being able to find, nevertheless unforgettable Bruarfoss waterfall in Iceland, says Eva Ho (Photo: Eva Ho)

Eva Ho's aerial photo of River Deltas throughout Iceland (Photo: Eva Ho)


--USA TODAY Los Angeles bureau chief Chris Woodyard can in addition be your host in the "Just Cool Cars," video series with regard to USA TODAY.

Investor Eva Ho on the Talking Tech Roundtable podcast in TuneIn Studios in Venice Beach (Photo: Jefferson Graham)

Folks, if an individual are seeking for a fun evening on August 20th, occur watch any recording of the Talking Tech Roundtable podcast. Tickets are generally $15, and only 20 seats are generally left. Pertaining To the first time, we're inviting a studio audience for the show, and throwing a new little party afterwards.

WEVR's Anthony Batt talks virtual reality on the Talking Tech Roundtable podcast(Photo: Jefferson Graham)

We talk virtual reality and learn why consequently many techies tend to be likely to Iceland on their holiday. -  This week's Talking Tech Roundtable podcast lets anyone know how to produce funds creating video ads about YouTube, plus a new method to purchase and then sell your vehicle online, hassle-free.. Hurry along with order before we offer out.

--Allon Bloch can be CEO involving Vroom, the new start-up pertaining to promoting your cars online, without having haggling. Seeking to make additional money this summer? Kozera tells how to complete that.

The Talking Tech Roundtable airs live each and every Thursday at eight p.m


How social media has changed Election Day - Daily Herald

all regarding me is actually out there, as well as that is actually what we need. "But now it's really mainstream and also ... "I want being a encounter they recognize and also which they trust."

"Social media can become a loud megaphone throughout communication," mentioned Brian Smith, who's running for your District 3 Municipal Council spot inside Provo.

"Part associated with my social media campaign is that I'm the strolling candidate. "Citizens said, 'Hey, we would like in which information digitally.'"

Bill Conley, who's running to get a seat on the Lehi Area Council, mentioned social media humanizes politicians as well as bridges the gap between your public and also the city's selection makers.

"We're punching the entire range through 18 to 65 and more," Smith said. Performing so, he said, provides voters having a appear into the lives regarding the folks they're voting for.. We need a lot more people to communicate using their council member."

To help residents further recognize their own candidates, Orem Metropolis recently posted a quantity of YouTube videos, introducing your public for the Metropolis Council candidates' views as well as opinions in the things they can easily do to affect the metropolis for your better.

Now, Orem residents may rapidly watch a video along with discover which usually candidate is actually befitting them, as well as view footage in the meet-the-candidate night.

Without social media, Conley stated voters miss your transparency which is accessible to candidates through online channels.

"We want visitors to recognize their council member," Smith said. individuals are much more accepting involving visiting a marketing campaign logo on the periphery upon their particular Facebook as compared to receiving a contact directly."

Conley said he makes use of Twitter and also Facebook in order to update his followers on his personal marketing campaign objective -- strolling by means of each neighborhood in Lehi.

The dive in to technologies has, for most candidates, been nothing but a good experience.

"In days gone by we've usually posted information, such as the 200-word blurbs, after which possess the meet-the-candidate night," Downs said. "Communicating by means of social media is critical."

The digital grow older is, inside Smith's opinion, a time when political candidates need to seamlessly integrate their lives within their Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. "I can't let anyone know how many individuals have absolutely no idea who's running regarding metropolis council, and now they can put a new deal with using a name."

"I shouldn't just be a reputation about the ballot," Conley said. "Yeah, we're attempting to hit everybody."

But many candidates are usually getting their campaigning one step further, getting transformed their own social media accounts directly into platforms to promote his or her candidacy for area council seats.

Candidates have also utilized social media as an possibility to communicate much more freely with just about all the younger generation, a demographic that historically doesn't vote as much in municipal elections.

"I have no doubt they [YouTube videos] are now being utilized. I'm walking the complete city of Lehi," Conley said.

"I consider it is actually important the candidates be open, honest and transparent and communicate with the perspective voters," Conley said. As Well As Election Day isn't until Tuesday.

"It's essential to achieve out to individuals as well as let all of them know of what precisely is going about within my life," Conley said. "My cell phone can be available ... We've heard most great comments," Downs said.

"I want these to note that I'm open to communicate through virtually any avenue," Smith said. "That's all part of transparency and the communication back again and forth."

As Conley walks http://socialmediahc.com the actual city, he explained he hands out enterprise cards and also sports the shirt that reads within bold caps "VOTE BILL CONLEY LEHI CITY COUNCIL."

Smith stated transparency can be important at night election, of course, if he can establish a wide open communication prior for you to getting elected, it'll continue by means of to be able to his period if elected to the Provo council.

Campaign slogans dotting yards, street corners and even billboards usually are usually not uncommon now regarding year, as a range of Utah County cities gear up for Tuesday's primary election.

"We anticipate more, as hoped for, nevertheless we've seen such a vote-by-mail system could do," Downs said.

Downs said between your videos and furthermore the vote-by-mail program, Orem has had its highest voter turnout yet for any municipal election. Steven Downs, Orem's assistant area manager, said the videos had been inspired through the city's requirement for increased social media influence.

"In your past, maybe ten many years ago, folks could be taken much less significant by simply performing a social media campaign," Smith said


Tennis Gets Hip to This Whole 'Stats' Thing - Wall Street Journal

Updated Aug. 4, 2015 6:03 p.m. ET

When Christopher Kas, the coach of German tennis pro Sabine Lisicki, watches Lisicki compete in Stanford, Calif., this week, he'll have at his disposal a piece of technology so revolutionary that tennis fans and commentators might go into a frenzy and wonder if it should be banned: an iPad.

The women's tour is experimenting with on-court coaching rules that already allow players to call a coach to http://texastennisopen.com the sideline once per set for a 90-second, mic'd-up pep talk that is broadcast to television viewers. At the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford this week, coaches can also bring along an iPad loaded up with data.

The tablet has software designed by SAP, the tour's technology partner since 2013, that collects live data from matches.

There are standard tennis stats, like aces and first-serve percentage, fed to the devices from the chair umpire's electronic scoring system. For matches played on courts with Hawk-Eye, the line-calling technology used to challenge calls, there is much more, including graphics that display court positioning for each shot, where serves land and other player tendencies. A coach might zero in on specific points--for example, every time the score was 40-15--to show that a player didn't play from an aggressive position in key moments.

"It's the same idea as in football," Kas said. "If you're going to have a third down, you want to know what happens on third-and-2. It changes the art of coaching."

The iPads, which will be given to coaches during events and then must be returned, have screen settings for shade and sun, and cases that SAP produced with a 3-D printer that are supposed to keep them from overheating. Coaches can use them at six other tournaments this season and at more next year, said Stacey Allaster, chief executive of the WTA, the women's pro tennis tour.

"Ultimately this is to improve our athletes' performance and provide richer data and storytelling for media," Allaster said. "We are in the sporting entertainment business, it's not just about hitting forehands and backhands."

While other sports have given coaches and fans stats galore, tennis has largely remained in the data dark ages. It also has an uneasy relationship with coaching. Coaches aren't allowed to shout advice from the stands, and if they do, umpires can issue warnings, assess point penalties and even hand out fines. Traditionalists see on-court coaching as a violation of the game's sacred one-on-one solitude, even though most other sports, including other individual sports, have coaches calling plays, flashing hand signals, taking timeouts and yelling from the sidelines.

The pros are part of the problem: They are often skeptical of on-court coaching, which started in 2008--even after they request a visit. In Brisbane in 2011, Jarmila Gajdosova called Sam Groth, her husband at the time and a fellow pro, to the court for advice during a tense match. She didn't like what she heard.

"Don't talk to me like a f-- tourist," she said.

Lindsay Davenport, the former top-ranked player in the world, coaches 20-year-old American Madison Keys, who is playing in Stanford this week. Davenport said the data could help ease tension that can escalate during any courtside critique.

"It will be great to be able to go out there and say, 'You have hit every single serve to this spot; can you please listen up?' " Davenport said. "These are the facts."

The WTA's data push goes beyond on-court coaching. Once off court, players and coaches can log into a database that stores match data, including Hawk-Eye data when available. The tour doesn't have immediate plans to open up all of the data to media and fans, but Allaster said that was the tour's long-term goal.

"Other sports are delivering rich data to media and to fans," she said. "To be competitive, we need to do the same."

The men's tour doesn't allow on-court coaching at men's tournaments and has no plans to do so. It also doesn't compile Hawk-Eye data for its players or coaches, or make it easily accessible to media. Simon Higson, a tour spokesman, said the tour is reviewing how it uses Hawk-Eye data.

Nick Saviano, the longtime coach who now works with 22-year-old American Sloane Stephens, said the tour's growing data trove has changed how he works and helped him prepare game plans, especially against players he hasn't seen play often in person. But he doesn't want data with him while he is talking to a player on court.

"I would glean information from the iPad," he said. "But I would not bring it on a court. That is too much of a distraction."

Frankie Brennan III, the associate head coach for Stanford University's women's tennis team, was one of the first coaches to use the technology on court last weekend, when he visited Taylor Davidson, a junior at Stanford who was playing in the qualifying draw for the pro event. Brennan told Davidson she was missing too many first serves and needed to hit them with more spin to increase her percentage.

"It was neat to bring it out there and have proof of what I was talking about it," he said.

Brennan did have one problem with the iPad, while he was sitting in the stands: Despite its specially designed case, it couldn't handle the California sun.

"I was so excited using it that it overheated on me, the warning message came on," he said. "I had to put it in the shade."

Virginia not part of fetal tissue program - Daily Press

Videos showing national leaders of Planned Parenthood discussing the actual organization's policies concerning the provision involving fetal tissue with regard to research get sparked any national debate concerning its federal funding in supplement to requires investigations through multiple states.

Republican legislators inside Virginia, led by Speaker William "Bill" Howell, R-Stafford, are usually amongst them. Democratic Gov. "While a new tiny number of Planned Parenthood affiliates tend to be capable of assist patients who desire to be able to donate tissue with regard to medical research, we do not have access to this kind of plan within Virginia," Eldred said through email.

Virginia's Planned Parenthood clinics offer additional women's health services, which includes vaccinations, screenings pertaining to breast and also cervical cancers, testing along with treatment fror sexually transmitted infections, along with check-ups. The Particular Hampton spot of Planned Parenthood, which is open up three days a new week, delivers pregnancy testing and emergency contraception, but does not provide abortion services.

Also, although Planned Parenthood operates seven clinics throughout Virginia, six involving which usually provide first-trimester abortions -- any kind of conducted right after the initial trimester must be performed inside a hospital -- none participate within the fetal tissue donation program, according to Sarah Eldred, spokeswoman with regard to Planned Parenthood South Atlantic. those accounted for about 10 % with the abortions within the state performed with 30 facilities, such as private clinics as well as hospitals. "We in addition supply ladies seeking safe and legal abortion higher quality along with compassionate care."

McElwain characterized the particular videos as portion of the "decade-long pattern involving illegal harassment through extremists whose concentrate will be banning abortion and preventing women via accessing vital well being care services in Planned Parenthood well being centers."

Matt Moran, spokesman with regard to Howell, stated the Virginia Republican leader's call to get an investigation -- the regulatory review through the Department regarding health will be appropriate, he clarified -- has been depending on Planned Parenthood's demonstrated "willingness in order to flaunt regulations with an institutional level," rendering it uncertain as to whether or not it had been following reporting specifications inside Virginia. Terry McAuliffe features rejected their own call, noting in the radio address that will there ended up zero complaints within the state.

Salasky can be reached by phone in 757-247-4784.

Copyright © 2015, daily Press

"Each year, a significant number of women, men along with teenagers count on Virginia League pertaining to Planned Parenthood for quality, cost-effective reproductive health care," said Paulette McElwain, CEO with the Virginia League regarding Planned Parenthood, which usually oversees your clinics inside Virginia Beach as well as Hampton. Statewide, throughout 2014, they http://naslvirginia.com served close to 26,000 patients, such as virtually 18,000 for contraception, greater than 3,100 with regard to breast examinations, and also thousands much more with regard to cervical cancer screenings in which detected 510 abnormal results, based on Eldred.

Forty-three % involving their own centers offer main and preventive treatment within rural or even medically underserved places in the state, the girl added.. "We do not have faith inside them as an organization," he said.

In Hampton Roads, the particular Virginia Beach clinic terminated 2,130 pregnancies throughout 2014, according for the state Department associated with Health's annual report


Medic seeks seat on Texas Legislature - EMS1.com

He made a determination to operate for that Legislature simply because "year following year, election after election, our constitutions and also beliefs are already attacked in both the particular national and state levels."

McClatchy-Tribune news Service©2015 Your Huntsville Merchandise (Huntsville, Texas)

"It is actually my belief http://eumetcal.org.uk that the citizens of District 18 deserve more from their particular elected officials compared to politicians whom ignore his or her thoughts and also opinions. John Otto (R-Dayton) whom announced his retirement earlier this month.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- A New longtime emergency responder offers made a determination to seek a new seat in the Texas Legislature.

Smith, who is presently a paramedic throughout San Jacinto County, may be an emergency responder regarding 29 years. " We want leaders from hawaii along with national level which will consider their particular oath involving workplace and also serve the actual really individuals which elected them, end up being their own voice, and not his or her downfall. We need leaders whom will stand about the morals and values that this excellent nation had been founded on over 200 years ago when our founding fathers envisioned a brand new territory packed with guarantee and also opportunity."

Rick Smith lately announced his plans to run with regard to state representative involving Residence District 18, which include Walker, San Jacinto and also Liberty counties. "The citizens associated with District 18 deserve a candidate who will fight pertaining to their rights, their beliefs, and their opinions. Now is the time for you to secure the future for most generations in order to come," Smith said. "It's occasion with regard to Texans, and Americans overall to share with the particular politicians as well as the world, sufficient is actually enough. Constitution as well.

"It's moment regarding politicians to don't forget they are generally servants in the people, not their particular masters."


"Our liberties and freedoms, that people as Americans maintain therefore dear, are already put up regarding sale by simply elected officials whom care more about their own pocket books and also back space dealings, than they truly do in regards to the conservative values this excellent nation had been founded on," Smith said. "(I'm) an American that when faced with almost all the future of our own kids as well as our grandchildren, recognizes that now could be the time stand up. He vows to end up being able to not just "honor as well as defend" the state constitution, but the U.S. And Also they will deserve more than only a 'status quo' type of candidate," Smith said. The Actual citizens regarding District 18 deserve a candidate who's not really reluctant to consider on the organization and furthermore the liberals, and also who's not necessarily reluctant to get his hands dirty."

By Cody Stark 

The Huntsville Item

. We is certainly not going to idly standby while you destroy our constitutions and beliefs, and we won't idly standby when you destroy our state, along with our nation.

For a lot more details about Smith, visit his Facebook page with Rick Smith pertaining to Texas State Representative, District 18.

Smith describes himself as being a "patriot" not just a politician. The Actual Republican candidate can be hoping to change State Rep


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